We supply Stainless Steel in 3 main categories :

Austenitic Type – SUS 301, SUS 304, SUS 304L, SUS 305, SUS 310S, SUS 316, SUS 316L

Ferritic type – SUS 409,SUS 430, SUS 430J1L, SUS 434, SUS 436L, SUS 444, SUS 445M2

Martensitic Type – SUS 410, SUS 420

Stainless Steel Applications :

Consumer Products

Home Appliance, Vacuum Bottles, Pot, Kitchen Sink Bowl, Water Tanks, Tooth Brush, Iron Plates, Clips

Computer Peripherals and Electronics

Hard Disk Drive Cover and Damper, Hard Disk Drive Disc Clamp, Fax Machine Panel, Paper Guide, Digital Camera Cover, Point of Sales Scanner, Intel Chip Holder, LCD Frame

Automobile Industries

Automobile Moldings, Exhaust Parts,


Railway Vehicles, Iron Cable stopper

Application End Products :